Volume IIl
Nov 29, 2013
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Where Do We Truely Stand As A Country USA
1.Who are the TOP 1 Per Cent of the US population?

2.Who control the Banks of the world?

3.Where is the United States heading?

4.What is wrong with our whole educational system?

5.Are women under attack by power people in the US?

6.What is your thoughts about the Democratic and Republican Party?

7.Can our country endure the hardship we are facing?

8.What are the top three thing s this country need to do to say alive?

9.What is you thoughts about taxes?

10.What will you do to make this a better country?
Do You Have The Heart?

Ask your employer has the New Health Care Act helped or made their business worst?
If you don't care any more, then how in the hell can say, you love and care about your children and family.    Please explain.....
Can you connect the dot or do you just don't care?
When will it stop?
When will what stop?

1. Banks stealing our money with    
    high fees and hidden fees.

2. Credit Card companies

3. Unfair Taxes:
   Federal, State, Social
   Security, Property etc.

4. Higher food, gas, electricity,
    rent, mortgages, and a host of
It's amazing how people act like nothing is going on. Little do they know ---- they are next......

Boy it's something how the powers to be can create a crises in order to get their way.
It does not matter weather it is constitutional unjust.
Voter suppression
Can The United States Do Better, That is the Question.
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